Saturday, March 1, 2014


The other day I've been asked to post an article about photography entitled "A photograph is a tiny evidence of someone’s happiness "

There are some universal truths about photography that are known by every single  Los Angeles advertising photographer or just every person that owns a camera. But there is also other stuff that can be really interesting for you. 
   In Mumbai, India a guy named Dilish Parekh owns the biggest collection of cameras in the whole world. Since 1977 he collects them and now he has 4425 antique cameras. This sounds crazy, but he is not the only person on the Earth to have such passion. A 17 year old boy may have the same love of photography, but he has no possibilities to express it like Dilish does. Anyways, the love for photography resides in the inner desire one has. The 17 year old aspiring photographer is the one that loves the sun, the sky, a girl’s smile and his mom’s hands. He loves it all and he captures it all. For some this hobby of taking pictures, became a real job. These people are so lucky to do what they want and even earn money. This is why we get to have so many great photographs of our weddings, birthdays and themed photo shoots. Because, there are passionate and talented people who love capturing the moments of life and they do it for your good and for their own too.
  The viral phenomenon of cute and crazy pictures with cats on the internet is not a new thing to the world. The English photographer Harry Pointer in the 1870’s started his career by taking pictures of cats. When he launched photographs with cats being really amusing and in ridiculous poses, he won success. There were even captions added to the photographs. The cats in his photographs seem to drink tea, share dinner or do some other fun pet stuff. All this was happening back in 1870 and still today we get to be surprised about every cat photo we see. And again, I would say that it is all about the love, the passion we feel. We take so much care about our cats, we simply adore them. Here is the reason why the epic kitty photographs are so epic. These pictures show us the pet we love and also something funny to laugh about.
  However, even if it is involving cat weird stances or some obsessed people collecting thousands of cameras, photography is first of all an art. It unites people with common passions all around the world and it makes us share our tiny evidence of happiness that is the photograph.