Saturday, March 30, 2013

About the black leggings

Do you think about the black leggings? Do you like to wear the black leggings? And where and when do you wear the leggings? Like such questions, can you answer them by your heart at two second? Sometimes, my friends often complain that the black leggings are very out-fashionable. I think this is belonging to you that choosing fashionable black leggings also can bring you a good-look.The Romwe Women's Black Lace Skirt TwoFake-piece Elastic Spandex Leggings is also a black leggings. However, do you feel the leggings cause a special fashion than the common black leggings?

With the sense of fashion changed, many people feel that the black leggings are very common; they can’t find the highlight in the black leggings. In particular, the spring is coming, black become more and more boring. The colorful patterns can let them feel the feel of spring. But the classic black is most important for some office ladies.

One may think that a black legging is just a black legging but not so fast. Black leggings are by far the most popular color for leggings however, because of the enormous popularity of basic black leggings; there are many different kinds, styles and textures. Make sure you are buying the right kind for you

Nowadays, Romwe have an innovation with the black leggings. The Black Lace Skirt Two Fake-Piece Elastic Spandex Leggings is one of the special black leggings. The Romwe designers match the common leggings with a flower printed mini-dress. The classic pattern with the black leggings, I can’t wait to showing my surprise. On the one hand, the good match can give us double protection for our body. It let me to be safe with the leggings. On the other hand, we all have slim and long legs with the leggings.

If you are buying black leggings then chances are you are going to wear them often and for longer periods of time as black leggings tend to be an all purpose and all day leggings opposed to a faux leather legging or metallic legging. Choose a good fit and a style that works with your frame and occasion.

Friday, March 22, 2013

ROMWE - Easter Day Sale

ROMWE Easter Day Sale
Up to 70% Off with galaxy gifts (Bowtie / collar / bag)
Best chance to get spring stuff & save a lot
03/27/2013 – 03/29/2013
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This weekend, as I was happy that spring arrived, I was keen to take some photos in nature.
I went to the Turia Parc in Valencia, along with my friend who was wearing a traditional romanian shirt :X
 It all went great and I am happy to share the results with you guys.
Enjoy the photos :*

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Details of JDYS Collection

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New leggings from ROMWE

               Romwe BIG Sale on Leggings Category
               Any Leggings 20% OFF
               Code: 20%OFF
               From 3/12/20133/17/2013

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sexy leggings and sexy ladies

Why Leggings Are Sexy?
So why are leggings such a sexy fashion item? If you ask the men they will say anything from the tight form fit and the various textures and styles that accent a woman's body. If you ask a woman, they will probably say that leggings bring out their feminine side, their desire to feel desired and sensual. Feeling sexy is all about being a woman. As women, we think differently about ourselves and our fashion choices that make us feel fantastic about ourselves. Sexy leggings are as much fashionable as basic black leggings and who says basic black leggings are not sexy?

What cause the leggings so sexy?
There are so many reasons why leggings have a sexy edge. There are some leggings that simply exude "sexy" such as a stylish faux leather legging or a tight pair of liquid leggings or metallic leggings. The natural curves of a woman's body have a sexy mystique all unto itself and wearing a pair of leggings accentuates those curves with color, style and texture. Men and women can both get a little frazzled by an attractive woman walking by wearing a pair of sexy leggings with an air of confidence. A good pair of leggings brings out all of a woman's curves in a way no other piece of fashion can do. Let's face it, a woman's body can be many things and sexy is definitely one of them. Legging fashion composes so many elements that come together to create some truly amazing and sexy styles.
Sexy leggings allow a woman to explore herself
A pair of sexy leggings allows a woman to explore herself in a very similar way that a costume would do or in a way, being a performer on stage. Leggings allows a woman to put on different moods, different energy and get dressed up in a way that is very much like walking the red carpet. A great pair of sexy leggings can bring out incredible varying moods in a woman and it's this "Rock Star" kind of image that can send a man's heart racing! It allows a woman to explore her fashion style and in essence, wear an incredible selection of adoring, and yes, sexy looks.

"Sexy" and “Leggings" just naturally go together
It is fairly easy to sum this idea of sexy leggings in a simple sentence, everyone's definition of "sexy" can vary from person to person but everyone can probably say that leggings are intrinsically sexy. Romwe designer can create the leggings for all ladies. RomweWomen's Colorful Small Blocks Gathered Polyester Leggings are another spring for most women. Do you feel the colorful patterns and the tight fabric? You should try it; you will feel the sexy leggings.