Thursday, February 20, 2014

yoga congress

a few of my favourite pictures that I took at the second mediterranean yoga congress in Valencia

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

my morning routine

Hi ,
I decided to share with you more about me ... things I do ... things I like..
So here you have a few pictures of me in the morning; Just want to mention that mornings (late mornings) are a special part of my day; I wake up slowly, I drink my tea, do my daily yoga practice and meditation; When its time to breakfast, I invent all kinds of smoothies. Having done that, it´s time to check my mail and start my work.
So the weekdays are as mentioned...really relaxing...that would be one of the advantages of being a freelance photographer and working at the weekends. I am happy about it and I am willing to enjoy it fully as long as I will be in this state of my carer.
In the pictures I wear a white t-shirt from H&M Isabel Marant and  some really good quality leggings from Babalu, they bring some color in to my life and to my outfits :)
Wishing you all a wonderful day :*