Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This week´s - Places to be - Photo Diary - Tribu Woki

One of the Tribu Woki´s places is actually an eco supermarket and luckily it is a small restaurant as well.  
It has a great variety of vegan delicious food and desert. We ordered a veggie burger, a vegetable "empanada",
 a pudding pie and an absolutely delicious cherry cake, the best till now. The place is an oasis of silence 
from the city´s noisy environment,  we´ve been there a Saturday morning at it was the perfect place to be. 
If you need a place to buy your healthy groceries from and relax a bit afterwards, try this shop. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Barcelona Yoga Conference 2015 - Yaaaay

I'm  very happy to participate as a photographer at the Barcelona Yoga Conference !!!!!
I simply can't wait.....

Monday, May 18, 2015


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

This week´s - Places to be - Photo diary - Makamaka

This very cute place is located in the Barceloneta neighborhood. Being so close to the beach and the 
city center makes it a really crowded, busy and cheerful place, often visited by tourists. It´s design is 
quite funny actually and colourful, they kept a vintage/retro look with a lot of elements referring 
to the 80s, or a bar for surfers or Baywatch, the series.
They offer a big variety of salads and burgers, loads of juices, smoothies and cocktails too, so you 
have plenty of opportunities to pick something healthy. We ordered a "Shark Bite" juice and a 
"Toffee Coffee" and they were delicious. 
All in all this place has a good atmosphere.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

This week’s - Places to be - Photo Diary - Ús Barcelona

This week’s places to be, literally, is Ús Barcelona, an art festival for urban spaces.
The festival is meant to rescue, through urban art and civic participation, the use and value of the city’s urban spaces. 
The organisers and participants make, as they say, artistic interventions on walls, floors and cars. 
Apart from that there is live music playing, there are Dj’s, art markets, gastronomic spaces and food trucks

We visited the place today and we had a lot of fun. When arriving, since the closed streets, reserved for the festival, were full of old, two story, 
seemingly uninhabited buildings among the new tall ones we had the impression of being on a filmset. 
The streets were crowded with cool and creative people both artists and participants. There was an overall good 
vibe going on, and we believe its a good place to spend this weekend. Some artistic interactions were even interactive 
so I had the chance to actually make a drawing and take it home with me. 


Friday, May 8, 2015



Thursday, May 7, 2015

This week’s - Places to be - Photo Diary - El Jardí

This terrace and tapas bar is located inside the Barcelona library garden, Jardins de Rubio i Lluch
It’s location, overall look and arrangement among the building’s walls gives it a unique and great feeling. 
When we got there, we got lucky and found a cute table, one with flowers, and sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and coffee. 
To our amazement there was even good, not to loud, electronic music playing. 

A few days later we went back, this time after sunset and found the bar with small lights lit up all
 over the place and with candles on every table. This time we ordered a delicious brownie and a cheesecake.
If you wish, you could order typical Spanish dishes, tapas or even salads and other vegetarian food 
to eat and cocktails or even natural juices to drink . All in all its a great place that looks like a small
 oasis with plants and trees surrounding it, its certainly a good place to escape from the city center during rush hour.