Sunday, May 10, 2015

This week’s - Places to be - Photo Diary - Ús Barcelona

This week’s places to be, literally, is Ús Barcelona, an art festival for urban spaces.
The festival is meant to rescue, through urban art and civic participation, the use and value of the city’s urban spaces. 
The organisers and participants make, as they say, artistic interventions on walls, floors and cars. 
Apart from that there is live music playing, there are Dj’s, art markets, gastronomic spaces and food trucks

We visited the place today and we had a lot of fun. When arriving, since the closed streets, reserved for the festival, were full of old, two story, 
seemingly uninhabited buildings among the new tall ones we had the impression of being on a filmset. 
The streets were crowded with cool and creative people both artists and participants. There was an overall good 
vibe going on, and we believe its a good place to spend this weekend. Some artistic interactions were even interactive 
so I had the chance to actually make a drawing and take it home with me. 



Aydita said...

Que fotos tan inspiradoras!

Normcore Girl said...

Muy chulas las fotos !
El evento fué genial , me encantó !
Un beso grande