Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Street Style - Coachella

Hi everyone,
These days I felt as if I were already on holidays. I found these street style pictures from Coachella Festival and I let you enjoy a few of my favorite outfits.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

romwe leggings

Romwe Women's Classic Super Mario Game Pattern Spandex Leggings is inspired by the super Mario game. Super Mario is a classic game what I like to play with my guys at my childhood. Nowadays, the super Mario is printed in Romwe leggings, it reminds me of my children memory. I think it’s meaningful for me.

The Romwe Women’s Classic Super Mario Game Pattern Spandex Leggings are designed by the blue background and the super Mario print in the blue sky, also together with his enemy turtles. I think it’s very lively and make me in a happy mood.

Remember that I have fun with my neighbor Grace; we like to play the super Mario together turn by turn. It’s our good memory in our childhood. I remember that we play the game in 12 years old. At this year, we do everything together, we go to school, have meat, and play games together. Many times, people who don’t know us say that we are twins. As a little girl, we also don’t what’s the meaning. We all like to buy the same clothes and wear them at the same time. Grace’s father buys the Super Mario game to her. She shares the games with me. After school, we all play one hour together. Our race of game is very equal. We play the game one by one.

Childhood time is always impressive. Especially, Grace with her family moved to another city. These memory is in my mind and don’t go away all along. We haven’t connected with each other. I think maybe we have different living atmosphere and we don’t have the same habits.

Now, when I wear the classic super Mario game pattern spandex leggings, I always think of my little guy Grace. Recalling those days we play super Mario.


Enjoy these pictures that I took a few weeks ago. 
She's Evelyn, a super beautiful girl.
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