Monday, June 29, 2015

Descubriendo Catalunya - Playa del Garraf

I went to the beach of Garraf the other day, on a beautiful morning. I love sunrises at the beach, it’s a  pity that I don’t wake up early more often. The view of the beach with the small fisherman houses  was really cute. Playa del Garraf is a really small beach, close to Barcelona, and on that morning it  was very quiet and peaceful, just as I like it, although it might get more crowded in the afternoon,  since it’s easy to reach.  I’ll be visiting and reviewing more beaches and places close-by so stay  tuned. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Week’s Places To Be - Photo Diary - Art Te

Upon arriving to Art Te we were amazed, how huge, overwhelming and elegant this place is. 
It’s separated into different spaces, one is a saloon, where you could enjoy a cup of tea or some  dessert, here you also have a shop where you could choose, from a great variety of tea flavours, the  one you wish to take home.  The other space is restaurant where you could also enjoy live concerts  that are being held from time to time.  
We went for a cup of tea and some dessert, it was the best carrot cake I ever had.  
The place is cozy, open, with great attention to detail, design and quality. I could say it’s exquisite,  it’s certainly impressive, and I think I’ll keep it for special occasions.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

This Week’s Places To Be - Photo Diary - Food trucks

In Barcelona almost every weekend there is an "eat street” event somewhere, currently I have just 
been to the ones by Van Van and Eat Street Barcelona. I have actually just been to one at Encants 
market, it was a market mainly for vintage things and it was huge, there were loads of food trucks 
and there was a live music stage and one with Djs as well. There were plenty of goodies to buy and a 
diverse food selection to taste. I'll just add some pictures, this place is definitely one to be. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Smoothies Inspiration !!!

I love breakfast smoothies, they're the best way to kick start a great day!
They're quick – if you're rushed in the morning, a smoothie is a great option. ... You can cram so much nutrition into a smoothie, there are so many options and you can feel free to have fun experimenting ... 
Have a great smoothie recipe you'd like to share?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Discovering Catalunya - Places To be - Barracuda

I thought of combining this post with my Places to be project, since the place I present this week is a 
restaurant/ beach bar located really close to Barcelona. It’s quite easy and fast to get there with a car 
and most probably with the train as well. Castelldefeld’s beaches seem less busy than the ones in
Barcelona they seem to be wilder as well.
The restaurant, Barracuda, member of Tribu Woki chain, it's organic, has a cool design, its menu is diverse
 both in foods and desserts, but we decided to go for desert only.
The atmosphere was relaxed and in my opinion its worth for a try if you wish for a quiet afternoon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Descubriendo Catalunya

Since my recent move to Barcelona I decided to do a small project this summer.
DECUBRIENDO CATALUNYA is what it's called, it's a Photo Diary as well, and I'll be posting 
photos and short opinions of places every weekend of the Catalunya region, beaches on  Costa Brava..
I'll make sure to share all the wonders and beauties of this place, and I hope you'll like it, so 

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