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Floral shirt

Hi everyone
How are you today?
Hope you are doing great, now that summer is here..., what can be better than the first month of summer?
I'm doing fine... if you ask me... pretty busy with my photography jobs... Honestly, I can't complain, I'm actually very happy about it :D
How do you like theese pictures, what do you think of them ... I took them on my terrace yesterday at sunset, while I was preparing to go watch a ballet show.
Since the show took place outsite at late hours, I dressed up like in this, thinking that a chiffon shirt that I bought from persunmall, will be perfect for a summer night, and it was... it also looks quite casual combined with the shorts.
What I like about it is that even if it looks like a transparent shirt it's not transparent at all, and it's really comfy, girly.
How do you like the print ? I love the colours... it makes it so easy to combine.

And finally, about the ballet show; It was amazing, I enjoyed it a lot :D
Can't wait for the next one, I promised myself to go more frequently !
Have a great day !

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Black Vs Floral print

 Hi everyone,
How are things ? I am writing this post because I would like to share with you guys the fact that I don't know how it happens but almost every time I am like spinning in circles around the same style of clothes. I am posting a collage of my usual outfit, and as you can see I am wearing a lot of black a lot of grey, I wear mostly jeans etc. and I can't seem to be confortable to wear other stuff.
Below, I am posting a collage of a few blouses that I just looked up on the internet. I was thinking upon buying something like this soon, some blouses with floral print. What do you guys wear, or plan on wearing this summer ? Do you wear floral print stuff ? 
Have a great day !

1-Persunmall | 2-Madewell  |  3-Farfetch  |  4-Journelle  |  5-Delias  |  6-Persunmall

Picture of the day

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