Thursday, May 7, 2015

This week’s - Places to be - Photo Diary - El Jardí

This terrace and tapas bar is located inside the Barcelona library garden, Jardins de Rubio i Lluch
It’s location, overall look and arrangement among the building’s walls gives it a unique and great feeling. 
When we got there, we got lucky and found a cute table, one with flowers, and sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and coffee. 
To our amazement there was even good, not to loud, electronic music playing. 

A few days later we went back, this time after sunset and found the bar with small lights lit up all
 over the place and with candles on every table. This time we ordered a delicious brownie and a cheesecake.
If you wish, you could order typical Spanish dishes, tapas or even salads and other vegetarian food 
to eat and cocktails or even natural juices to drink . All in all its a great place that looks like a small
 oasis with plants and trees surrounding it, its certainly a good place to escape from the city center during rush hour. 


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

very beautiful pics!

Aydita said...

Que rica la tarta!

Camelia said...

Dreamy atmosphere. :)