Tuesday, October 19, 2010


yesterday i cought a few sunny hours and went out again with Mada to do a second shoot.The results got a bit better in my opinion ,but don’t let me be my judge , see for yourselves .thanks for following.enjoy the pics !
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daisychain said...

so pretty

Pop Champagne said...

these are really nice, the 3rd pic is my fav, love those earrings!

Krystal said...

these are so great!!! the third one down is my favorite, it's really really good
~ Village

Stefani said...

great photos!!the second one is my favorite!


Rebecca said...

the lipstick color is pulled off so well

nookie said...

the first one is absolutely amazing!

rouli said...

cool post!

great blog kisssss

Prutha said...

beautiful shots...u can ever go wrong with red lips


follow if u like what u see?

Arti said...

The pics are all so well shot... Very nice and bright.
Have a lovely day:)

sincerely, said...

drop dead gorgeous. these are beautiful photographs.

sincerely, M