Wednesday, October 3, 2012

La Petite Planèthé

Hi everyone,
I went today to the tea shop Petite Planethe, to pick up my prize, and I must say it is a wonderful little shop. The feel of the place is really relaxing. It was built with care and a lot of attention to details. There is a huge variety of things you can find here, starting from all kinds of tea aromas, honey, chocolate to all kinds of tea cups from various cultures around the world. I will leave you guys to check out some pictures of the shop, products and its details.

And here I am enjoying a cup of tea from one of my new tea flavors. 
I can't wait to taste each one. 

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kendal croix. said...

This shop looks absolutely adorable

Cecille said...

you're right! Adorable is the word :)