Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock and Roll @ Ubik Cafe

The other day I went to a rock and roll concert in a library. 
I know it sounds crazy , and it sound even more crazy if I tell you that 
it took place on a sunday at 1 in the afternoon.
The guys from UBIK CAFE have the unusual habbit of organizing cool stuff on sunday, when it's least expected. I enjoyed it very much, and it certainly got me out of my boring "Sunday... stay in" routine :) Enjoy the pics

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THE HAWKS said...

Thanx Cecilia , we love your photos , hope to meet you soon at our shows!!!

keep on rockin´ !!!!!

Víctor Aranda García said...

Qué buenas fotos Cecille! Enhorabuena

Cecille said...

gracias :)

Cristina said...

You've got amazing photos on your blog! This set is particularly cool!