Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Valencia In Fallas – The Biggest And Craziest Festival In Spain, Happening Right Now

One of the biggest and craziest festivals in Spain is taking place right now.
Yes, it’s the Fallas of Valencia. The 5 days long party has already started. The streets are crowded by people, there are parties all over the place, bands are marching, people are drinking and dancing on the street, children are throwing fireworks continuously and tourists and locals are walking around while amazed by the size and detail of the built monuments on nearly every major square or street in the center of Valencia. Every day at around 2pm there are fireworks, called La Mascleta, in front of the city hall and in just a few days these hand built monuments often reaching a height of 20-30 meters will be burnt by fireworks in a spectacular way in during the ceremony called La Crema. I decided to share a few pictures from last years and this years fallas. Hope you enjoy them.

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Those are my favourite flowers too, freesias :) Wanna follow each other, dear?