Friday, August 21, 2015

Trying out my new yoga mat

Hi there,
These days I celebrated the arrival of my new yoga mat by doing yoga at the beach, both at sunrise and sunset.
This mat from YogaDesignLab is super comfortable as it's an all in one mat-towel designed for sweaty practices, it's eco  friendly and biodegradable and most important is that it's the most beautiful mat I have ever set my foot on.
I just love the sensation when I open my eyes at the end of the practice and I see all the  tones of purple of this lovely print. 
Apart from the mat the package came with a nice and minimalist mat strap.

Doing yoga outside in nature is such a blessing. I feel grateful for the weather and the sea in Barcelona. Such a great city.
I'll leave a few pictures for you guys to see.


ShowTheStyle said...

Wonderful photos :)
xx Katha

Aydita said...

Que relajación!

Mirianas World Blog said...

No conocía tu blog en absoluto pero, ¡ya me tienes como seguidora!
Menuda maravilla de fotografías presentas. Además de todos los rincones que Barcelona presenta... ¡me encanta!

Miriana's World Blog

dreamygamine said...

Your photographs looks wonderful! Been thinking about doing yoga this year, think the first step is to get myself a mat. xo

Hendra Wijaya said...

Amazing shot ! Really love the way you shared the photos and daily activities.
Visit mine and find me on bloglovin too :)

Christy M said...

Great photos! <3
Thanks for your comment on my blog, mind following each other? Let me know ;)


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

great pics!

Estefania Laguna said...

Amazing pics ,kisses.

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

have a nice evening!

Lucy and Mary said...

Amazing photos! Have a nice day :)

Welcome to my blog :))

General Manager said...

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Reynolds Jean said...

the scenery is beautiful, so do you

Cecille said...

thank you ^_^

Steven Bruce said...

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