Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This Week’s Places To Be - Photo Diary - Salterio

Barcelona seems less crowded this time of the year, now that the holidays are almost over,
so we decided to go to this small a tiny oriental restaurant - teahouse, called Salterio.
It’s a really, really small place by the way, and very, very cozy. Think of an oriental style cafe in the
gothic center of the city and you’ll get the feeling I’m on about. The place is almost entirely lit by
candlelight, has all kinds of teapots everywhere you look, the wall is made of stones, the roof has an
old wooden structure etc. I could go on forever.
Last time we took a peak inside it was so full we could’t get in, this time was no different either, but
we managed to find a place near the entrance to enjoy a cup of tea, while loads of people from all
around the world were trying their luck to get in as well.
The menu is quite diverse, has many different flavours and kinds of tea and vegetarian options for
snacks as well. We opted for a Yogi tea with vegetal milk and some sweet sardo made of apples,
walnuts, sesame and thin bread. 
The staff was really nice, there was quiet and good music playing, and I’ve heard someone say they
even have a band play live music sometimes, but I wonder how they make them fit in though. 

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