Friday, January 29, 2016

This Week’s Places to Be - Photo Diary - OBBIO FOOD

This is a place that I'm really grateful for. I found out about it right when it  opened and then a friend actually took 
me there for lunch.
Now it has become the organic supermarket we buy our food from!
What's really great about it is that it has a restaurant, that serves delicious organic and fresh food, where you can 
choose from variety of things, majority vegan food, and sweets as well.
It's a pleasant place and it also has a small and cute terrace where you can enjoy your lunch.
The second greatest thing about it, is that it is really close to the yoga studio I usually go to, so I can enjoy a nice 
and healthy meal between classes :)

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Simona Huidiu said...

Loved reading this article. The photos are amazing! Good job!