Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Vacation

I'm shortly closing up on this years vacation season . My top 3 vacations this year would be ...on the 3rd place Budapest on the new years eve ....on the 2nd place Viena in the late august ...and on the first place ..bye far of any other vacation i`ve ever had Venice ...actually im still in love with Venice .....

For next year i set my goals to Paris , Barcelona and Ibiza ...i d like to see them accomplished by this time next year and have lots of pictures and adventures to tell you about....

I' m waiting for your top 3 vacations this season or any other :) thank you for following..


Iulia Romana said...

Top 3 vacantions? First one and my absolutely favourite would be France . I went there in 2007 and I've been in love with that country since then.
2nd:Poland for winter.Cracovia is an amazing city.
3rd:I'm going in Turkey next month so probably that would be one of my top vacations :D

Cecille said...

Thanks for shareing Iulia :) we have the same first favourite! Cracovia sounds very misterious for me(because the hebrew movies):)

Faboulista said...

my top 3 vacations for next year will be
1. japan
2. london
3. italy


Cecille said...

wow japan! can't wait for the photos you'll take there!

nookie said...

spotted some cool outfits!
ehhm, I don't know:)